2014 Sharks & Minnows Program
Program Details
  • The best hockey around for youth 4 - 6 years of age!
  • Parents invited to play too at no additional charge (assistant coaches)
  • 8 week season, once a week activity
  • Includes SUPER COOL custom jersey AND the BIG GAME tournament
  • $135 per player (does not include player equipment)
Location of Play (TBD)
  • Starts Monday, July 7th, 2014
  • Play Monday's @ 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM
Personal Equipment Each Player Must Provide
  • Hockey stick
  • Hockey helmet w/ cage
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey elbow pads
  • Hockey shin guards
  • Solid black shorts
  • Athletic shoes w/ socks
No goalies are used at this level as we want kids to focus on learning the game and general forward/defense concepts to prepare them to advance to our Juniors level.

Whether your child is ready to compete at the Varsity level or their current game strategy is to have a melt down by the end of our season (and with your support) DLH will have them loving the idea of being on a sports team AND the game of hockey.
Sharks & Minnows is a great start for your young hockey player.  This coach led program teaches kids proper hockey posture, how to shoot and pass as well as how fun it is to be part of a sport that demands a good attitude and a ton of hustle.
Each season begins with a focus on skill development and by mid season we'll be cranking out the games.  After all Sports Fans, hockey is a game and after a hard day in school there no better way to create a smile than to compete in Dryland Hockey's Sharks & Minnows league play.
Sharks & Minnows' parents can join in too at no additional cost, so bring your stick Mom and Dad!